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Feline Education

While most of this cat related information is provided by Veterinarians on the subject of cat health, it should be used along with the advice of your personal vet. Our goal here is to educate people with information related to their cat and kitten of new information provided by those who practice veterinary or pharmacological medicine.  Please read and learn for yourself!

Special Sites of Interest

VAS Awareness – Educating cat owners about vaccine related cancers, because prevention is the best cure.

State Veterinarians – A list of links to state Veterinarian organizations and contacts.

Known Vet Schools in the USA  – these are particularly useful if you live near a Vetrinary University, and your animals are in need of special or expensive treatments.

Link to Self Prepared Vet Recommended Food Recipes

Association Articles

Traditional Cat Association Overview 
Three Types of Siamese 

The THAI – They are at it again

General Articles

Cats and Kids

Medical Articles: (Links to)

Science of Vaccine Damage – potential harm that different vaccines can induce.
Recommended Cat and Kitten Vaccines 2006 – Brochure prepared by the VAS Awareness and VAS Cat show group.
Diets for Growing & Adult Cats – Vet Provided Roll Your Own Food Recipes
Diets for Growing & Adult Dogs – Vet Provided Roll Your Own Food Recipes

Tips for a Healthy Cat 
Suggestions on Purchasing a Kittten
Litterbox Problems 
Do Not Use FIP Vacine
DNA Based detection of FIP 
Our Continued Exploration of FIP 
FIP Update 3/1/2003
British Quarantine Dropped 3/1/2003
The Value of Pets in our Lives
Vaccine Connected Fibrosarcoma 
An answer to Pet Overpopulation 
Vaccinations Revisited
Saving Fading Kittens
Flowers Caution 
Toxic and Poisonous Plants
PDF Version POISON PLANTS 19 Pages
Brachycephalia – skull issues in Persians
Senior Care Guidelines
Cat Care Basics
Cat Checklist
Cat Communication
Feline Diseases
Kitty IQ
UK Code of Practice
Vet Care – How do you Know?
What Indoor Cats Need

Canadian Cat Info
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